May Ball Presidents Committee Policy

Gate-Crasher Policy

Gate-crashers are caught at events during May Week every year. Any person caught attending without a valid ticket is committing a criminal offence under the Fraud Act 2006 and may be referred to Collegiate authorities and/or the police at the organisers’ discretion. In addition, any University member identified as a gate-crasher will be excluded from ticket sales of MBPC member events for the next year - this includes all Collegiate-level Winter Balls, Spring Balls, May Balls and June Events.

Journalism Policy

No press or media representative shall be offered free or discounted tickets. This policy applies to all collegiate Spring Balls, May Balls and June Events occurring within Cambridge. Journalists can be granted ‘right-to-buy’ for one or two tickets in exchange for a review, however this access to full-priced tickets remains solely at the discretion of individual event committees. Confirmation from a senior editor that the journalist is an official representative of the news organisation is required before the tickets are released to the reviewer in question.